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More than just NREMT test prep, MedicTests is an online adaptive tutoring system that senses what you know and what you need to learn. Then, it pushes content and questions your way based on the topics you need. Join us today. We make National Registry test prep easier and less stressful!


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MedicTests has a built-in study path that listens and adapts to what you need to learn. The system also lets you choose your own journey. Dive into any content at anytime. Take an open book test to focus on a specific topic like cardiology or challenge yourself with the full National Registry Simulatorâ„¢. Our simulator works and scores as if you are taking a real NREMT exam.


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Thanks to support from the community, we're proud to announce that we were able to add more than 4000 new bloom-verified questions in the 2022 release, and we've organized 80+ NEW EMS topics into over 600 digestible units ALL at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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We guarantee that if you use our system faithfully, you will pass this test and achieve this goal. If, for any reason, you do not pass the NREMT (or even your state) exam, just send us a screenshot of your results. We'll refund up to 90 days of your membership!


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MedicTests bridges the gap between the classroom and the NREMT testing environment by giving the instructors a hybrid classroom where students can test themselves more often and in ways that lead to greater learning and a significant improvement in first-time pass rates. We provide a rigorous testing platform and educational support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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